Holding Hands Up High

Helping Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse Heal and Thrive


Melinda Lopez  



Master of Habit Change, Beliefs and Identity


Transformational Coach 

Mastery Coach


The Journey Back to YOU

Healing. Recovery. Rediscovery. Unleashed

1. Healing-

This is a time where you take a step back and educate yourself on narcissistic abuse. If you are a victim, work with a therapist. Take the time to grieve, run into walls of denial, and then get onto the roller coaster of emotions. (Anger, Fear, Pain, Sadness, Judgement, Rage,ect)

2. Recovery- 

You are ready to move onto Recovery when you no longer feel the Rollercoaster of emotions as intensely. When you are ready to move forward in Acceptance and start to navigate what life looks life for you now. Learn what Years of Abuse and Trauma has done to you. Learn Boundaries, Trauma Triggers, how to avoid Self Sabotage, how to Release the Shame and Guilt, Quite the Inner Critic, Relax and let go of Perfectionism, Set Realistic Expectations and Goals for yourself, Learn to listen to your Intuition and Trust yourself again, as well as move forward in confidence. 

*Now I need to mention this never really ends, you always stay in some sort of recovery but you know you are ready to move onto the next step when you are ready to take back control of your life no matter what!

3. Rediscover-

Rediscovery is you behind the driver seat of your life. I provide you the roadmap of rediscovering who you are after the trauma and abuse. Who you are at your core, and who really wants to come out. We start this process by releasing the old life. A kind of shedding the old furniture to make room for the new. We will explore self love and self care. We will take back our Health and Wellness. No longer being crippled by the stress of walking on eggshells. Boost your Energy so you can continue to reach your goals. Create Financial Clarity, Find Spiritual Renewal and Unpack your Life Purpose!

4. Unleashed-

This final step is really my favorite.

This is the long awaited ice cream sundae at the end of a meal. The Meal you would rather feed to the dog, but eat so you can get the ice cream sundae.

You take back your Life, 

You Drive the Car. Windows down and the Wind Blowing in your Hair. Smile on your Face. 

This step you get to Chase your Dreams and Desires you have held yourself back from for so long. 

I have walked this journey, and helped others walk it too.

Holding Hands Up High

Support Group

Healing Together

A place where you can let yourself be seen and heard.
A place where you can come and find community.
A place where you can share your story.
A place where you can share your truth.
A place where you can leave your isolation and know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
A place where you can be vulnerable and let your guard down.
A place where you can find friends and people to hold you accountable on your journey towards Recovery

Upcoming Support Groups-Healing Together

  • Understanding The Cycle of Narcissistic Abuse
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Aug 18
    Private Zoom meetings and Email
    Aug 18, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM PDT
    Private Zoom meetings and Email
    This support Group will meet: Aug 18th and Sept 8th with helpful resources provided via email in between.

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Not only is Melinda a person that wants to help you be the best version of yourself, she finds ways that helps you understand how and why.
She listens to what you say, she pushes you gently out of your comfort zone; with your permission, and once she begins to understand how you think, she comes up with ways to truly help you see what your body, heart, subconscious, spirit; have been trying to tell you.
Why do you have those feelings, what do you want to change/enhance/understand about yourself? To name a few example questions.
She takes YOUR answers and restates it back to you.
She helps you learn things about yourself you thought was never an issue/thought/concept/underlying issue for something else.
She creates lessons that help you focus on you. Help you create/enhance/ understand/ change yourself to be the best version we all want to be.
Your worth it.
Melinda sees that.

And thank you for helping me see it in myself.

Gina Swager

"Coaching works because its all about you, when you connect with what you really want and why-and take action-magical things can happen"
- Emma Louise Elsey

"Doubt is a virus that attacks our self-esteem, productivity and confidence. Faith that you and your life are perfectly unfolding is the strongest vaccine"

- The late Sean Stephenson

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