Mindy Lopez

Life Empowerment Coach

What is a Life Empowerment Coach?
Someone who provides the right SYSTEM, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY so you can make a Total Transformation in YOUR Life and stick with new healthy patterns! Patterns that replace unhealthy ones and become your new second nature. 
As a busy mom I have to prioritize my own health and wellness. I have dedicated my coaching practice to helping other mothers like me put themselves first. Step into self love and acceptance. So that they can life a life full of Purpose and Passion. 


 I am a certified Health and Life Coach with additional certification in the Transformational Coaching Method as well as Mastery Level Coaching through Health Coach Institute, an accredited school dedicated to changing the coaching industry.

I came to coaching because I was looking for a way to transform my own health journey. I wanted to be able to help other women more effectively, to change their health and lives too. I was a self help and wellness junkie reading every book on the subject. I found my friends naturally asking me questions around health and wellness. I found it very natural to be a coach. (Since I had been doing it untrained for so long.)

2019 Becoming double certified in health and life coaching seemed like the perfect fit! I went on to complete the additional certifications the following year.
With over two years of training, coaching and working with fellow students I grew in confidence in my ability to coach, however my own health stayed a struggle.

 I met with my doctor and eventually a therapist. My health journey was a challenge, but I was determined to transform it the same way my clients were. 
I was diagnosed with PCOS, Hashimotos (an autoimmune disease) , PTSD, and Chronic Stress in 2019. These challenges were hard to accept. I had always been someone who did the "right" things. How could my body work so hard against me?
As a busy working mom, homeschooling and balancing life I found myself putting my own health on the back burner.

It was easy to fall into the same unhealthy routines and habits that had been preventing me from achieving my health goals.
One morning in May 2021, I woke up and could not physically get out of bed. My joints were inflamed, my body hurt and I simply could not move. I weighed more than I ever had in my adult life (including full term pregnancy weight.)

I cried out to God and begged him to give me the motivation I needed to become healthy.

 I was helping others achieve their weight loss goals, manage stress and create clarity and balance. I couldn't understand why it wasn't working for me.

I knew I needed more help.

I felt like a fraud and questioned my purpose and calling, to health coaching.

In that moment laying there, feeling so incredibly helpless I knew it was time to make a change. I went to a specialist in autoimmune disease, said no to anything that didn't give me energy (including social media), I went part time with my coaching and really focused on my self care, stress management and getting healthy.

Now I am still on that journey, losing weight at rates I never imagined possible for myself.

I have learned to listen to my intuition, and eat what I want.
I learned how to exercise and move my body in ways that feel good and release most of my joint pain.

(Yes this does include water walking in the mornings with a few ladies a bit older than myself at the gym).
I no longer see my diagnoses as a crutch and am on my way to reverse them.

I have come to accept my limitations and love myself exactly where I am while still striving for more.
I have energy again to play with my kids, go for walks and hikes and simply be present with my family. 
We now make being healthy a family activity and the kids help me lead mommy and me workout classes. 
I set up accountability and support when I need it. I still meet regularly with fellow coach friends to network and push each other.
I continue to work closely with my Doctor and Therapist, as well as my Health and Business coaches.
I learned to stop trying to rely on myself and dived deeper into my faith and prayer life. I allowed God to take the wheel and direct the path I needed to be on.

(Which happened to be closely aligned with mine just at a slower rate than what I was giving myself.)  

Even before making these changes for myself I was able to provide my clients success on their journey.
However, now my clients are reaching their goals faster! My own experience and struggle motivate and propel them with confidence that they can also lose weight and change their overall health and wellness forever too!

I would love to help you on your journey to stepping into who God is calling you to be. Help you break the chains of fear and self sabotage that hold you back from achieving your goals. And provide accountability and support every step of the way!