Melinda Lopez

Life Empowerment Coach

What is a Life Empowerment Coach?
Someone who provides the right SYSTEM, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY so you can make a Total Transformation in YOUR Life and stick with new healthy patterns! Patterns that replace unhealthy ones and become your new second nature. 

As a Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse I had to rewire my brain to see the world differently, to see myself differently

To be able to truly HEAL, truly RECOVER, and truly REDISCOVER myself, I had to :

First Educate myself, then Accept that the abuse took place. Then I had to step into a place of deep grief for the life I should have had as well as Grief for the mother I will never have. Then I was able to start the long journey of Recovery. Really focusing on what makes me me. What are my skills, talents, and qualities. How do I move into boundaries, navigate trusting people again, listening to my intuition when I've been programed to believe that it is bad. How to cope with the long road ahead and going low to no contact.  

The list goes on and on because ultimately I had to completely retrain my brain to think differently. I had to learn to love myself and stop listening to the inner critic who loved to go off on me about everything I ever said or did. 

So, How did this Journey Back to ME begin? 

Well like so many other survivors of narcissistic abuse I was in and out of therapy most of my adult life. I had chronic illness and was in constant pain. I knew I wanted more for my life and myself than the life I was living. So I started trying to figure out what I was passionate about. 

1. Helping people

2. Educating people

3. Health and Wellness

So I started looking into careers and quickly found health coaching. Thanks to the unrealistic expectations put on me by my mother growing up I would only go to one of the best schools because I wanted to be the top of the game. If I was really going to become a Coach. So I joined Health Coach Institute in 2019. I instantly knew I had found my calling, my true purpose in life. Yet I couldn't allow myself to fully come out from hiding behind my mask. Apart of my 2 years of training was weekly skills labs being the coach but also getting coached. These 2 years of coaching and really working on myself in a deeper, more vulnerable and authentic way changed everything. I decided I had a lot of past trauma and hurts still to bring to the surface. (Which I was cautious to do because I had been gaslighted by therapists previously telling me that there is no way it was as bad as I said.... Yet I didn't lie. I told the truth. )

So I went into therapy cautious yet, ready to dive in deep and really create some change. 

Through research I found an amazing therapist who I continue to work with today. Thankfully he knew the signs and understood narcissism and quickly understood the cause behind my trauma. However, he gently lead me to see my abuse and trauma for what it was and helped me walk the steps of healing and recovery. I combined coaching and therapy by joining a support group with Tracy Malone- An amazing coach and mentor. In that support group I gained life long friends, but most importantly I realized I wasn't alone. Others have very similar stories to mine. They also feel alone and isolated. I quickly realized after joining Tracys support group I knew I wanted to help others come into a space of deep healing, and a REAL TRANSFORMATION from the inside out. 

I was really learning who I was, not the lies and the stories that others had told me I was, but the REAL ME. The one that had been buried down deep inside. The little girls screaming to come out and play. 

So I let her, I let her play. I let her take risks. I let her be imperfect. I let her show up in her mess. I let her share the deep dark family secrets. I let her laugh. I let her cry. i let her sit in her emotions and truly feel them. I let her teach her daughters to do these things as well. 

Now I want to help you. I want to help you on the Journey back to yourself. I have walked the path ( far from perfectly), and I don't claim to have it all figured out or be fully healed. But what I do know is there is a Victory waiting for you. 

There is a part of you that is screaming to come out and be seen. To be heard.

I can help you let it out. 

I have built my coaching practice with one big Mission in Mind.

To help Survivors of Narcissistic abuse Heal and Thrive. 

Using the 4 Main steps I took
1. Healing

2. Recovery

3. Rediscovery

4. Unleashed

After I took this Journey I reversed my chronic illness - that still amazes me. I have been able to speak my truth for the first time in my life without fear of rejection or shame that I am bringing on the family. I am able to find more intimacy with my husband, with my kids and with myself. I am able to listen to my intuition and allow it to guide and lead me. I am able to speak about my abuse without having to relive it over and over. I am able to be imperfect and allow others to see that imperfection as well. I am able to feel my emotions without losing control. I am able to love, deeper and more fully with boundaries and step into what I want for myself. 

I have moved into my dream house ( although not at my dream location...yet!) 

 I have been able to launch my coaching business and help countless people along their journey. 

I want to help you see that all of this and so much more is possible for you too!

Let's talk!

I want to hear your story

I want to give you the space to be seen

But I also want to help you move out of victimhood and into survivor mode. 

It's there that you will really know what it's like to THRIVE!