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Recovery Deep Dive

A Unique Masterclass with Bi Weekly Group Coaching

Step 2. Recovery- 

You are ready to move onto Recovery when you no longer feel the Rollercoaster of emotions as intensely. When you are ready to move forward in Acceptance and start to navigate what life looks life for you now. Learn what Years of Abuse and Trauma has done to you. Learn Boundaries, Trauma Triggers, how to avoid Self Sabotage, how to Release the Shame and Guilt, Quite the Inner Critic, Relax and let go of Perfectionism, Set Realistic Expectations and Goals for yourself, Learn to listen to your Intuition and Trust yourself again, as well as move forward in confidence. 

*Now I need to mention this never really ends, you always stay in some sort of recovery but you know you are ready to move onto the next step when you are ready to take back control of your life no matter what!

In this 12 Week Recovery Deep Dive Masterclass we explore the key steps of recovery. I give you practical life tools, exercises and new habits to help you step into and create the life you want from yourself. 

We meet in community for a mix between a support group and group coaching where we can share, get curious and create some real transformation. 

This program is built with a trauma informed mindset. I work closely to therapists, authors, fellow coaches and other professionals in Narcissistic Abuse to create and continue to improve this unique Masterclass - Many of whom you can find in the Professional Resources section of my website.

Weekly Recovery Workbook

Weekly Trainings

Bi Weekly Group Coaching

Lesson 1- Creating Energy to Create Change - Discover Energy suckers and Replace them with things that Fuel your Energy

Lesson 2- Honoring YOUR Boundaries- Learning to say "NO"

Lesson 3- A Fresh look at Pleasure and Triggers- Going against everything you were programed to believe.

Lesson 4- Self Sabotage- It's positive Intention and how to move through it

Lesson 5- Saying "Yes" to Fun - without Guilt and Shame

Lesson 6- Becoming Present over Perfect- Releasing the Unrealistic Expectations of Perfectionism and Stepping into Relaxation

Lesson 7- What wants to be Nourished? - Listening to your Emotions and allowing them to show you what needs to be nourished.

Lesson 8- Unlock your Personal Power- Through forgiveness and woundology

Lesson 9- Rebuilt Trust- First with yourself by listening to your Intuition 

Lesson 10- Life Inventory- Take a deep hard look at your life and how to focus your energy on the life you want instead

Lesson 11- Exploring Your New Life- Health, Relationships, Finances, Career, and  Your Spiritual Life

Lesson 12- Quiet the Inner Critic- Becoming friends with the part of you that continues to hold you back, while no longer listening to the lies. 

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*Continued Therapy or a Therapist Referral is Required