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Rediscovering ME

Intimate Group Coaching and Bi Weekly Roadmap to Rediscovering YOU

Step 3. Rediscover-

Rediscovery is you behind the driver seat of your life. I provide you the roadmap of rediscovering who you are after the trauma and abuse. Who you are at your core, and who really wants to come out. We start this process by releasing the old life. A kind of shedding the old furniture to make room for the new. We will explore self love and self care. We will take back our Health and Wellness. No longer being crippled by the stress of walking on eggshells. Boost your Energy so you can continue to reach your goals. Create Financial Clarity, Find Spiritual Renewal and Unpack your Life Purpose!

Rediscovering Me is my Signature System - 

Using the steps I took and have walked my client through to Rediscover who they are at their core, what they want for their lives, and step into creating that life for themselves- Free of continued Narcissistic Abuse. 

This is where you choose to leave Victimhood behind and Step out as  a Survivor - Ready to Rebuild 

Stand in your Truth

Live the Life YOU have Always wanted to Live!

Clear the Clutter- Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally and Digitally

The Power of Gratitude - Focusing on a new  Positive Mindset 

Self Love and Self Acceptance

The Importance of Self Care

Creating Healthy Habits, Behaviors and Routines

Creative Movement 

Boost your Energy - Nutrition, Sleep and Hydration

Empowered Eating

Financial Clarity

Spiritual Renewal

Discover your Life Purpose 

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