Journey Back to You

This 1:1 Coaching experience is completely customized for you.

This coaching program takes  you on a Journey to the Beautiful, Unique, Deeply Loved, and Worthy YOU !

Together we will  unpack the lies that you have taken on as your truth.  These lies  prevent you from living your life full of passion and purpose.  Then we will work through any other obstacles standing in your way of stepping into the life you desire for yourself.

Together we will create a roadmap to success so that you can make your goals achievable in the shortest amount of time.

Reclaim your Energy
Listen to your Intuition
Slow Down and Learn to be Present
Deepen your Faith and Prayer Life
Increase your Mood and Productivity
Grow in Self Love and Acceptance
Manage Stress and Create Healthy Habits and Routines and so much more!

​*6-12 Month Commitment Required

Prices vary depending on needs and goals.

Contact me for more information at the link below.

Girl in the Woods